Fundraising For Us

If you’re ready to start organising your event, or to use our name or logo, please let us know of your plans in advance of your event or activity so we can ensure that you have all the information, advice and support that you need.  Complete our registration form and tell us more about your event or fundraising here.

If you’ve already held an event for The Ipswich Hospital Charity you can now pay in your fundraising monies online here.  Alternatively, you can pay in cash or cheques by following the guidelines here.

If you are fundraising for The Ipswich Hospital Charity or one of our Charitable Funds you will need to make sure that our registered charity number 1048827 appears on all of your fundraising or event materials if you are asking people to participate or donate.

As well as our Registered Charity number, all promotional materials must say that your event is ‘in aid of The Ipswich Hospital Charity’ or where you are fundraising for a specific ward or department charitable fund please use the wording ‘In aid of The XXX Department/Ward, The Ipswich Hospital Charity’.  This ensures people know that you are responsible for organising the event and that it’s transparent that you will be donating to a specific Charitable Fund within the Registered Charity.  We are able to assist in providing ‘In aid of’ logos for all of our funds for you to use.  Our approved Charity logo is available for you to download herehowever you do need our permission to use or reproduce it so please ensure you complete and return the form at the top of the page as soon as possible.

Our logo should always be reproduced to be at least 50mm wide so that the Registered Charity number can be read easily when printed.

To help you create your own branded materials we have produced standard templates for your posters and leaflets.  Your creative design team or professional printer can download the files here.  If you don’t have access to Adobe design products please contact our team using the form above and we may be able to assist in helping you create something for your event.

If you need any extra items, like T-shirts, balloons or collecting buckets please contact us.