General & Ward or Specialist Funds

img_0124-1The Ipswich Hospital Charity is the ‘umbrella charity’ for the many and various ward and department charitable funds across The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust including The Ipswich Hospital and community services at Aldeburgh Hospital, Felixstowe Hospital and Bluebird Lodge.

Every day Trust staff care for over 3,500 patients whether at outpatient departments, attendances at the emergency department or as inpatient or day case patients.


Specific Ward & Department Funds

At The Ipswich Hospital Charity every ward and department has its own fund and you may specify the area, ward or department of the Trust that you wish to support, and the Trustees will ensure that your donation is credited to the Fund whose purposes are most in accordance with your wishes.



General Fund

However, The Ipswich Hospital Charity Trustees wish to draw to your attention to the advantages and benefits of donations being made for the general purposes of the charity within The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust and restricted for a specific area.

Any area within the Trust can apply to The Ipswich Hospital Charity General Fund for funding for projects which enhance patient experience or to purchase equipment beyond what the NHS provides for and so we welcome donations to our General Fund for this purpose.  Trustees are also able to use the General Fund for areas that due to lack of awareness or publicity do not attract donations but would benefit tremendously from such expenditure.


To make a donation or find out more

To make a donation to the General Fund or to a specific Ward or Department Fund you can now donate or pay in your fundraising monies or donate online here using a credit or debit card.

If you would prefer to send a donation by cheque or CAF voucher, please make your cheque payable to ‘The Ipswich Hospital Charity’.  If your donation is for the benefit of a specific ward, service or appeal please write this additional information either on the back of the cheque or let us know in an accompanying letter.

To find out more about individual or general funds please call our Charity team on 01473 702929.