If you’re struggling for fundraising ideas, we have put together some ideas that you may like.

Get fundraising! 

A is for Abseil Get sponsored to hang out for Colchester & Ipswich Hospitals Charity.

Auction of talents Set up a table for things that people make – for example, cakes, knitting and crafts – and also auction off services, such as giving a cookery class, gardening or music tutoring.

B is for Bake-off Get people to submit their chocolate brownies and Victoria sponges for judging! Charge for entering and for selling the cakes afterwards. 

Buzz word pot – Colleagues pay up when they use a company buzzword or forget to unmute in a Zoom meeting.

Bike ride Name the distance and the route, invite some friends and get sponsored to cycle it. Don’t forget to wear a helmet and take safety precautions.

C is for curry night or Cheese party Host a fundraising party serving curries or a delicious selection of cheeses. Make some jars of homemade chutney for people to buy.  Childhood party Invite all your grown-up friends to play the old favourites: musical chairs, pass the parcel or pin the tail on the donkey. Charge for entry and sell children’s refreshments too.

D is for Do you dare? Ask your friends and family to send you dares and film yourself carrying them out.  Try and peel a banana using only your feet or eat a whole chilli.

Darts match Charge an entry fee and offer refreshments and other extras.

Dog walking Charge your neighbours and friends for walking their dogs or organise a sponsored dog walk.  

E is for Easter egg hunt – Chocolate is a favourite.  Hide some chocolate eggs and charge friends and family to hunt for them. Find inventive hiding places, leave cryptic clues to where another egg is hidden.

F is for fashion show Organise your own, or invite a local dress shop to loan/donate clothes. You could make it an ethical fashion show, featuring only ethically made clothes.

Football match Hold a collection at half time.

G is for Games Have some gaming fun with your friends. Play Twister, Jenga or team Trivial Pursuit. Charge an entry fee to join the fun and offer a prize to the winner.

Garage sale Have a clear out at home, and make money selling your unwanted belongings. Golf Run an open day or tournament. Ask a golf club to sponsor the event for you and invite club members and local businesspeople. Organise a quiz and auction in the evening.

Guess the baby Ask your colleagues or congregation to bring in baby photos.  Guess the number of sweets in a jar.

H is for Hair challenge Shave your head or beard, or dye your hair bright red. Get sponsored for ruining your treasured locks.

I is for ironing Offer your ironing services at 25p an item. Indoor golf challenge  Make your own challenge video, post it online and request a donation. Livestream your challenge.

J is for Jam sale Make and sell homemade jam. Or hold a Jelly-eating competition Fun for the kids.to take part in and to watch.

K is for Karaoke night   Offer a prize for the best and worst singers. Keepy Uppy Challenge with colleagues, friends and family.  Keep a football, tennis ball, basketball or a golf ball in the air for 30 seconds, a minute or 5 minutes. Share video clips of your challenge on TikTok or in your WhatsApp groups.

L is for left-handed day Get sponsorship for doing everything with your left hand for a day (or your right hand if you are left-handed).  Or hold a Look-a-like contest. 

M is for Movie night. Use “Netflix party” to link up with colleagues or friends.

Masterclass If there’s something you’re good at – Crochet, Cake decorating or Changing a tyre Organise a small class to show other people how to do it and charge a fee.

Memory meal   Go back in time to the 40s, 50s or 60s. Dress in the style of the decade, play on the right music and cook some dishes of those years.

N is for No Give something up for a while and donate the money you save by not doing it.

Non-uniform day.  Dress-down day for kids at school. Make a donation to take part.

O is for Open Gardens Hold a party or an open garden event. Choose your own or other local gardens that people would like to visit. Have stalls, games, refreshments and any other added extras.

P is for Plant sale Sell your seedlings, cuttings and plants

Pub games evening Teams pay to enter for dominoes, skittles, darts, pool and quizzes.  Give fun prizes and charge for refreshments.

Q is for quiz of course! Organise a quiz and hold it at work, school or in the local community.

R is for running Find a local running event, book a place and ask friends for sponsorship.

S is for Santa Fun Run Take part in our annual 5k Christmas run, jog or walk round the park.

Swishing parties Have a clothes swopping party. It’s the easy way to update your wardrobe with no guilt and it’s good for the environment.

Sponsored events are ever popular. Try skipping or waxing off beards, backs, chests, armpits and legs. Stars in their eyes Get your friends to dress up like someone famous and then sing. Charge people to sing and to attend.

T is for Take a funny pet selfie Post it on social media and ask your colleagues and friends to make a donation. Or hold a pet drawing challenge.

Teddy bears’ picnic Charge for entry and organise some fun children’s activities like a clown, face painting, etc.

Ten pin bowling Hire lanes at your local bowling alley, and charge teams to fill them. Your local venue might even offer special charity rates.

Treasure hunt Organise a treasure hunt around your town. Go from clue to clue in search of hidden treasure. Charge people to enter, and ask a local business to donate a prize to the winning team.

U is for Uniform day Get all your colleagues to wear a uniform to work for the day and ask them to make a donation

V is for virtual musical bingo/Name that tune

W is for walks Organise your own sponsored walk. Or Win a day off work  Ask your boss to auction a day off work. Wine-tasting evening Spend an evening tasting fine wines.

X is for X Factor Hold a singing competition and have a panel of judges, as on the famous TV show. Charge to enter and to watch.

Y is for Yes day Say yes to everyone’s requests and ask people to sponsor you for doing things for them.

Yoga marathon Get sponsored for doing a long yoga session, or hold a huge class and charge entry.

Youthful dress down day Come to work dressed in what you wore when you were 16.  Display your teenage fashion fads and foibles!

Z is for Zumbathon Ask a local Zumba teacher to give their time and teach a Zumba class. Charge people to take part. Zip wire Find an organised zip-line event and get sponsored to dare to do it.

Get fundraising!