If you’re struggling for fundraising ideas, we have put together some ideas that you may like.

Get fundraising! 

Auction of promises – persuade friends and colleagues to donate their skills, expertise and services for auction. Lessons in sport, music, dancing or languages; home-baked cakes and meals, ironing and other household chores.


BBQ – invite family and friends and ask for a tasty donation or for the winter months try a Bonfire Night party.


Coffee morning – invite family and friends or ask for the use of the local village hall and invite the local community, charging for coffee, tea and biscuits sold. You could always add the element of a cake sale to the event.


Dress down day – we all have days when we wish we could forget the usual office or work uniform and wear something more comfortable to work.  Why not encourage the local school to join in with a non-uniform day?


Easter egg hunt – hide some chocolate eggs and charge friends and family to hunt for them. Be inventive with your hiding,  try leaving cryptic clues to where another egg is hidden. Everyone loves a challenge, especially where chocolate is involved.


Film night – invite your friends round for a film night and ask for a donation. From Disney to Horror, there are lots of themes you can choose from. Or for the more active people amongst us – try taking part in a fun run, try our Hike or a local run.


Give it up – it’s not what you do, it’s what you don’t do. Why not give something up to raise some money? Donate the money you would normally spend on chocolate, cigarettes, first pint on a Friday night or get sponsored to give up facebook or twitter for a month or six.


Halloween party – everyone loves a chance to dress up at Halloween and you could charge for pumpkin pie or sell carved pumpkins.


Indulgence evening – enjoy an evening of indulgence and pampering with your family and friends


Jumble Sale – use your local village hall and invite the local community to attend.


Karaoke competition – ask a local bar to help you out and then invite friends, family and colleagues to sing their heart out to their favourite song.


Lottery – play Make A Smile Lottery


Marathon – Take part in a marathon or a mini marathon or hold a man vs food event


Night at the races – host a Race Night, where people can buy tickets to attend and companies can sponsor races.


Office collection – hold a fundraising collection in your office.  Simple, but effective.


Pet show – everyone likes to show off their dog or cat, why not try alternative rounds for example waggiest tail or cutest cat?


Quizzes – pub quizzes are very popular and never get old.


Rounders tournaments – charge teams to enter and award a prize.


Sponsored slim, sponsored swim or sponsored silence.


Treasure Hunt – all you need to do is devise some cunning clues for how people can get their hands on the prize.


Unwanted presents – sell your unwanted presents and donate the money.


Valentine’s party – host a valentine’s party and bake valentine’s themed goodies to sell for donations.


Xmas presents wrap – wrap up your colleagues’ Christmas presents in exchange for cash.


Yoga Marathon – get as many people as possible to take part and get sponsored to do yoga for a day.


Z – you got us – we could not think of anything for z either…oh wait, yes we can, what about holding a 24 hour Zumbathon??

Get fundraising!