Join the nation and host an NHS Big Tea party to raise funds to support NHS staff and patients when they need it most.

Join the Brew Crew

Last year, our NHS Big Tea raised tea-fuelled funds to support many projects at our hospitals and community sites. This year we’re going big to support patients and staff.

Host your tea party whenever and wherever suits you. You’ll be joining the nation, as thousands of par-teas are held and millions of tea bags squeezed in homes, schools, workplaces, community centres, church halls and hospitals.

And every cuppa makes a difference. 

Host a big tea

Your cuppas will change lives

Our NHS is amazing, but it can’t face every challenge alone. That’s why we’re asking you to join our brew crew to help provide the extra support NHS staff and patients need now, more than ever before.

Every kettle boiled will make a difference to those who need it most.

It’s as easy as one, two, tea and pour

Host a big tea

Signing up is tea-sy! Simply go to our sign up page where you’ll set up your Just Giving
 page to get all your donations pouring in.

Plan your part-tea

First, name the date, then tell your tea crew by getting your posters up and your invites out. You’ll find everything you need here online and in your welcome pack.

Get brewing

The big day has arrived. Put your decorations up and the kettle on! Keep the tea and the donations flowing, add a great big splosh of chatter and enjoy!

Pass on your pot

It’s time to count your fundraising pot. Most donations will have been made via your Just Giving page. Add any cash by paying it into your bank and then donating it to your page. Done!

Be the host with the most

Let’s get your par-tea started!

From downloadable easy step by step guide, posters and coasters to bunting, food flags and much, much more, you’ll find everything you need to brew up a tea-riffic party.