On Wednesday 3 July we had the pleasure of recognising and celebrating the extraordinary achievements of the Background Bob community at the National Fundraising Awards, hosted by the Chartered Institute of Fundraising.Nathan Jones with his back to the camera with "Be more bob" spray painted on the back. Laura Jones in happily pointing to the writing.
A truly inspirational evening was had, surrounded by incredible individuals. The nominees were all amazing and the judges definitely had their work cut out. The National Fundraising awards celebrate and recognise the achievements of truly remarkable fundraisers who, in extraordinary ways, have made the world a better place.
Background Bob was an extremely inspirational young lad. In the last 3 years, Noah raised over £250,000 for the Children's Department at Colchester Hospital, the hospital that cared for him since birth. With a trilogy of books, a series of stellar art exhibitions and 3 smashing online auctions, Noah's love of art gave him an army of followers that helped him and the family raise an astonishing £250,000 to fund sensory areas and improvements for many children like Noah.
Although Background Bob didn't take home the award on this occasion, we couldn't be more proud of everything they have achieved and the legacy that Noah has left. In the words of Nathan Jones "We have already won".
Congratulations to the Background Bob Army.