Molly Kingsnorth gave birth to her baby daughter Athea Marie in February – but her world was almost turned upside down when, after an emergency caesarean section, the two were rushed to Colchester neonatal unit for life saving treatment.

Athea had been born unresponsive, and it was down to the neonatal staff to save her.

Without any iron in her blood and unable to maintain oxygen, Athea, who weighed only 5lbs, needed a full blood transfusion when she was just two days old.

For most people, giving birth to a child is one of the defining moment of their life – but for Ms Kingsnorth, it was an excruciating time whilst her daughter fought for survival.

She said: “It was gut wrenching as I was still yet to meet my own daughter and hold her at a time when, as a mother, you know she needs you the most.”

Three months on and the family is not out of the woods just yet, with some problems still remaining for Athea, but her condition has still made huge improvements.

Now, Ms Kingsnorth is keen to raise money for Colchester’s neonatal unit by abseiling down Ipswich Hospital’s mighty maternity tower.

Standing at 135ft in height - more than 40 metres - it is going to be quite a challenge for Ms Kingsnorth, though surely nothing as terrifying or as draining as the three days which followed the birth of her daughter.

The fundraising target for Ms Kingsnorth is £500, but no amount of money, she says, will
 be enough to repay Colchester’s neonatal unit.

On her JustGiving page Ms Kingsnorth wrote: “Nothing I can do will ever be able to repay the unit for everything they did for my girl, but hopefully this money can go towards essential new equipment and help within the unit that they desperately need.

“Without the care, skills and love within the NICU at Colchester Hospital, me and my daughter may not have been so lucky.”

Anyone who wishes to sign up to the abseil, which is taking place in the last weekend of July, can do so by going visiting the Extreme Abseil 

The abseil is for those aged 16 or over, and costs £40.

To donate visit 

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