Janette Bartle allergy nurse specialist based at Ipswich Hospital took on a sky-high challenge to celebrate two special milestones. Alongside friend Sarah they completed a skydive, jumping from 13,000 feet at 120 mph. Janette raised a wonderful £904 and Sarah £841!

Janette said “Last year I reached the milestone of having worked for 40 years as a nurse in the NHS. Over 30 of those years have been spent at the Ipswich Hospital making many memories and many friends.

"As I turned 60 years old in April 2023, I decided to raise funds for the hospital and staff health and wellbeing initiatives. Supporting the ESNEFT community by caring for the people who provide the care to others at a time when it is most needed.

"Of course we are all braver when supported by friends so a big thank you to a dear friend Sarah for agreeing to do the challenge with me.”

Congratulations Janette on your special milestones and for completing your incredible skydive. 

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