Joe Alexander completed an incredible steps challenge finishing on and amazing 301,825 steps and Raising £6320 for the WoolverstoneJoe holding a sign to say thank you

 ward. Joe was unlucky enough to get cancer for the second time in 2022. He was first diagnosed in 2000 and had done well to stay healthy, but in March 2022 he received the terrible news of his second diagnoses. 

Joe said "I had to ride the chemo merry-go-round again. Lots had changed in the 20 year gap, I'm older, wiser, fitter and married, but one thing that stayed as awful as ever was the chemo. Even knowing what to expect does not make it any easier but the wonderful staff at Woolverstone ward have helped (and are still helping me) every step of the way."

So even though Joe had only just finished their final cycle of treatment, they wanted to give back. Joe decided to try and do 300,000 steps in September. This was a huge target as Joe had been finding physical activity a challenge. Julie and the team on the ward were thrilled to show their thanks to Joe.

A wonderful achievement and what an inspiration you are. This will make a huge difference to the lives of our patients and their families. Thank you for your support to the ward Joe.