Young Patients at Ipswich Hospital have been enjoying Musical Therapy as part of their recovery, thanks to funding from Jess Grant Celebration and Colchester & Ipswich Hospitals Charity.

Often patients who are admitted to hospital have their level of functionality impacted, and there can be high levels of anxiety, frustration and tension. Children have been removed from their comfort zone; there can be physical and mental stress and sometimes issues with control & empowerment.

Music therapy helps to give back a sense of autonomy and empowerment to patients and often their parents. It also offers the child the chance to access the joyful, playful and creative part of themselves amid the hospital environment and the medical interventions that are taking place. 

Familiar songs are often used, along with improvised music, sensory play, song-writing or music for listening & relaxation. Music therapy invites the child to engage in something creative, where they can express themselves, process their emotions, and enjoy something fun and creative during their time in hospital. Song-writing projects with teenage patients have enabled them to directly express their current situations and experiences. 

Music Therapy sessions have also directly helped patients’ pain levels. One patient who described her pain level as ‘9’ (out of 10) later described it as ‘5’ after her music therapy session. Another young patient had been experiencing a constant high heart-rate for several days. After playing her the harp her mum took a photo of the monitor and commented “this is the first time her heart-rate has lowered significantly since we’ve been in hospital”.

Another parent commented "My Son seemed much more relaxed after his session. He had been unwell and it was the first time he has smiled, let alone danced in around a week! We loved it, Thank you"